Hours of Operations: Monday - Thursday 4 PM to Midnight

                             Friday - Sunday - 11 AM to Midnight



Hall Size:  43' x 57'
Annex Size:  23' x 25' 


Main Hall (4 hours or less)                                  


Main Hall (4 hours or more)


*Refundable Cleaning Deposit


Half Barrel


Private Bar (does not include bartender costs**)


NOTE:  There are currently 22 - 8 ft. long rectangle tables, 6 - 6 ft. short rectangle tables and 8 - 6 ft. round tables and 204 folding chairs.  All are available with any hall rental. You MAY NOT bring any outside alcohol into our building.

*All chairs and tables MUST be put away, floor swept and trash bagged.  No nails or tape may be used on the walls.  If any of these rules are not followed, cleaning deposit will be forfeited.

**Private Bar bartender costs:  minimum $50 or 20% of all preordered alcohol/prepaid tab (open bar), whichever is more; must rent private bar for event if arranging for open bar/tab.



Large Electric Pavilion (does not include gate fee)            


Small Electric Pavilion (does not include gate fee)


Non Electric Pavilion (does not include gate fee)








If you need more information or a reservation form, please call 618-539-6095 or e-mail info@ilpost58.com.

Hall Photos (Empty):

Hall Photos (Decorations):