Children and Youth

Temporary Financial Assistance

This program provides funds to veterans and military service members’ families who are struggling and have minor children at home. The American Legion provides temporary cash grants to hundreds of families in need each year. Local posts make requests for funds from the TFA program, which annually distributes more than $500,000 to help families.

Family Support Network

Established during Operation Desert Storm, this program connects American Legion members with families struggling at home when loved ones are called to military duty. The program takes many shapes. Legion volunteers provide child-care services, yard work, car repairs or other forms of personal help. A dedicated hotline – 800-504-4098 - is available for families looking for assistance.

Child Welfare Foundation

Nonprofit organizations that reach out to help young people in need are supported through American Legion Child Welfare Foundation grants. The foundation provides grants to enhance communications for groups that tackle problems ranging from childhood neglect to substance abuse.